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    • Daily share and silly shows 3
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Since when did it become acceptable to interrupt people? The growing trend of News shows, and talk show hosts do this all the time, which is very rude and disrespectful, and resemble the likes of Jerry Springer, and shows of lower caliber. Mikaela, your are right up there with the rest of them. Constantly. Please be respectful, and don't interrupt your guests, or your co-workers doing their spot! Maybe you don't realize you are doing so, but... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 05
  • #967297

Miechla. Awful. She shows her opinons and out loud. She does not seem close to the audience. She acts as if she is into her own personality. She has to go. We have changed the channel. Untill then goodbye. Thank you...

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 02
  • #965980

Bring Nancy back,Ashley is ok but u need Nancy back to cover those crimes and Dr.Drew also bring back HLN is boring now!!

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Michaela on hln is like a breath of fresh air after having to watch and listen to robin and jennifer talking baby talk and acting like teenagers but then heinz ward comes on for a sports review and sounds like he has a box of rocks in his mouth and as if we didnt have enough of his self absorbed self on dancing with the stars we get to watch him being anal on celebrity wife swap Coy wire has so much more class and is so much cuter. Hln get your... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 01
  • #964724

Michaela Pereira show to be canceled. She is devisive and political. Poor excuse for a "journalist." Completely biased. Her reporter said "not my president-elect" and she thanked him. Did not call him out. She should be sanctioned. Cancelling AT&T Direct TV. Erica Hill is a real journalist. Boot Michaela who was rude to Erica in a joking manner. Unprofessional. Disgusting program on 11/30/2016.

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I used to dvr hln every single day. What happened to court cases and commentaries? While Forensic Files can be a decent show, nobody wants to see it ten times a day. What happened to Jane? Vinnie? Court cases? Did hln get sued? Lose advertisers? Right after a couple of huge cases like Arias? Hard to believe. At least explain something to the prior loyal viewers. You have to know you have pretty much lost your viewership. What gives? Read more

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Every time I turn on HLN there is a commercial. Way way too many commercials. Very annoying. You lost me during the Casey Anthony trial. Commercial after commercial. I understand your need for revenue with the ads but interruptions at critical times are not fair to your viewers. I no longer attempt to surf your channel to see what's happening. HeadLine News = HLN? I think you need to change your name. Forensic Files repeats do not fall... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 10
  • #952824

Is HLN Primetime Justice going to cover the *** protests everynight these idiots want attention? I started liking it until now. Ugh! Turning channel already!

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I listen to hln on satilite radio very disappointed in all the repeats on forensic files program it's the same stuff every day Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 30
  • #946265

The repeats all week are really angering me....Sick of it! No variety anymore???? I'm paying for this...Oswald and Margie A L L. W E E K. L O N G. !!! What's up? Debra

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