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    • Court coverage 3
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    • Daily share and silly shows 3
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Loved his show. Your taking all the good shows off your network also I heard Nancy Grace was going to be taken off the air. I also enjoyed live court TV your cutting thAt down, too. Micala or whatever is boring. I can watch news shows anytime, your network had something different. also why do you have complain with a 100 word limit ? Also dumb idea! Well I will keep typing until I can submit this complaint. Though I do enjoy Forensic Files.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922524

You've taken away Court TV for silly stuff! JVM gone! You're about to get where nobody wants to watch you! Now Dr Drew . I have no reason to watch this channel anymore. You should get people that watch TV during the day to help you with your programming !!!

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 11
  • #916584

Why do you liberal idiots keep running the same Forensic Files over & over & over & over & over & over ............?

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 06
  • #913777

Why does that Michaela person always look like she just ***? Not to mention, it's like I can smell her right through my television screen.

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Don't like micheala p. or west coast style . There must of been someone better. Read more

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Canceling Dr Drew is a *** move. I will not listen to HLN or CNN. These Media outlets are clearly biased. I have stopped listening. Read more

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Bring back Robin!!! We hate MichaeLa. She is boring and lame. Read more

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Get rid of MICHAELA, I won't watch her, very boring personality Read more

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Just can't stand the giggling, low class reporting by Robin & ALL the staff. Whoever advised them to be high school type "girlies" really made a BIG mistake. So many people HATE that behavior that they stopped watching. It's insulting to viewers. You are losing viewers all the time. Why are the men much more mature but fun too. Why are the women--even the frumpy ones--laughing through out the news???? Who in the world thinks that this "acting"... Read more

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Can't stand seeing Allison, the weather reporter on Weekend Express. She wears dresses and skirts that overly accentuate her butt and one day she wore a see through skirt showing her underpants. Disgusting. Derek Van Dam is SO much better. Keep him and let her go.She is fake and seems to be "acting" all the time. He is relaxed, interesting, funny and enjoyable to watch. The combination of Allison and Lynn Smith ( both with identical hairdos... Read more

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