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DACA has been rescinded and , of course, its newsworthy. Im grom houston texas and the flood was also newsworthy.

The difference. Helpful information was also reported (shelter information, constant flood updates, etc.). This was dynamic reporting. In my opinion tg8s reporting if DAcA would be a better service if the solution for the Dreamers was also reported, i.e.

the proper procedure for legally obtaining citizenship. These Drramers have put firth effort, gotten education, worked, payed taxes and deserve to hear the solution.

Yes, it requires effort on their part but at least the reporting of the solution would offer hope and be a grrat service. Thank you for your help to our nation in your responsible reporting of issues that are so important

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Exactly what in the world are you attempting to communicate to us? Poorly-written with poor grammar and spelling telling us nothing.

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