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Hln Michaela Tv Show Review from Chico, California 11 of 11 people found it helpful
Don't like micheala p. or west coast style . There must of been someone better.
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Bring back Robin!!! We hate MichaeLa. She is boring and lame. .
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Get rid of MICHAELA, I won't watch her, very boring personality .
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Who decided on MichaelA. Fire them. I try to watch her with an open mind but her presentation and personal antics with the head tilt, wrinkling of her forehead from her expression and 120 lbs overweight. Then she tells you that you may not want to see it. Right I changed the channel. She has a way of being condescending and talking down or sideways to the viewers. She does talk sideways even to her co-hearts. It's like Bill Riley...
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Thank goodness for michaela and mirabel on hln from 10am to 1pm from los angelas monday thru fri..no more 2 hours of robin meade and jennifer whestoven re-runs.its like a breath of fresh air. Thank you producers..you've made a slam dunk. Now you need to revise the show from 1pm to 3pm.. No one wants to watch yasmin..please.bring back mike galanos or vinnie politan..anyone interesting would be better than what you have scheduled for that time...
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Cant stand the new switch to michaela in the mornings. Something about her delivery, the all commercials hardly any news format and the insulting idea that we want news delivered with a california slant. Hey guys. California is not the be all and end all. The midwest, east coast, and pacific north rock! I want robin back. And a LOT FEWER commercials..
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