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Clark Howard

I have been missing him on HLN and been wondering how he is doing


False advertisement

You promote your network as an American network.Why then does one of your commercials promote impeaching our President?

That is very un-American, and it is also sedition!

Shame on you!Won't be watching you anymore!


Taylor Wright

Is the cause of death been determined for Taylor Wright's murdered by Ashley MacArthur in Pensicola Fla?


Showing him on the screen all the time

Are you planning on having HLN on the screen all the time because for those who have a tv like mine and watch your show a lot like I do it will burn it into my screen that's why I stopped watching another channel that does this because it is already burned in my screen.



I know that they said tolls would be waved but do they have cameras and a way ti automatically wrute tickets anyway or do they just shut everything down?


why is john walsh show mostly about sex offenders?

Long time watcher.Most episodes are about child sex and it's getting out of hand.

I have currently stopped watching the show.Please stop airing these kinds of episodes or this show WILL get a reputation.


When is Carol Costello starting her new program with HLN


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