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Just hearing her smoker voice ruins my morning. She does not even have a pleasant voice-- it grates my ears. My friends who are together with us in the morning all cannot stand her voice. We wonder why she ever was able to get this job. We wonder if it was something slimy...like sleeping with the boss. Her face is also irritating. It isn't kind or smart or intuitive or even interesting. She just comes across as hard, with a sharp edge. Her fake "good morning" *** is too much to handle. PLEASE put someone in her place who at least has a NON-SMOKER VOICE!!!!

It is almost unbearable to watch her (to see her face I want to puke), hear her or have to endure the commercials....enough that we FF or turn off the TV when she's on...and we have even discussed NOT watching HLN anymore. BOYCOTT HLN.

Put this terrible TV person somewhere in the back. All of your other people are "OK" although whomever is making a choice of hiring the reporters/anchors for HLN should also be fired. Compared to other networks, we have to tell you HLN: Your choices of staff are not so impressive.

FIRE ROBIN MEADE. Her face, voice and presence is too irritating to bear! We are going to BOYCOTT your channel if she continues. And you'll find that there are LOTS more people who feel the same! You'll see...

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "fire, delete, sensor, demote, disappear robin meade of hln morning express barf". The author is overall dissatisfied with Hln. The most disappointing about hln tv channel from Hln was this is a complaint about robin meade of hln Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Not a big fan either.It's her sing-songy delivery combined with the fact that seems to never pre-read her copy.

She has no idea where the end of the sentences are. Continually puts the emphasis on the wrong words.

PLEASE do not cold read copy.It makes you sound uninformed and clueless.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who think she's annoying. I can only take about 5 minutes of her and then it's back to CNN.


Whaaaaat?!Is this s sick joke?

The only news I watch is HLN - and it’s because of Robin. She is genuine and joyful. Her voice is not that of a smoker - or a bimbo... (whatever that might sound like).

She is intelligent and insightful and brings a freshness to the typical stale news reporting. The repartees between her and weatherman Bob are fun to watch too. Whoever started this hateful thread is entitled to their opinion... but it’s one I can’t empathize with.

Love you Robin and please don’t take this to heart or internalize someone else’s shame projected onto you.

What you do isn’t easy but you sure make it look that way.You’re beautiful inside and out and I love how you say good morning sunshine; my Mom always woke me up that way.

to Dana #1454448

Do you HONESTLY think Robin is going to read this? LOL


Are you all serious?This has to be one, very bored, person's comments over and over.

Possibly, you are too stupid to come up with your own opinion and yearn for one of "the others" to tell you how you should feel about current events.Haters gonna hate.

to Daron #1445533

Too stupid?This is like Trumpsters saying calling them racist are themselves racist. "I know you are but what am I".Idiots have no ability to understand that they are idiots .


She doesn't have a smoker voice - it's one of a variety types of 'bimbo' voices out there.It's the sound of someone who hasn't spent much effort cultivating themselves because life hasn't challenged them to do so.That's what's so shocking about someone like this being on TV in any type of capacity that approximates journalism.

They exist only as eye-candy for guys and for other bimbos as some sort of comfort -- "oh hey, she's just like me!

She's so funny!".This is the one Faux News problem that CNN has, unfortunately.

to Beau #1440013

BTW, I have a theory about her and why she's such a draw for CNN. Just like refugees from religion-free, authoritarian regimes like to go to church to simulate the experience of comfort by having a 'leader' of some sort, people who come to their senses from Fox need some airhead on the air to make sense of the world.


I try to stay away from Robin Meade as much as I can. She is more interested in her clothes, hair style and phony greetings than she is in real news. "Giggle, giggle, giggle." It would be a refreshing change to have a real news anchor.


Seriously get ride of this over paid *** bag! The news is not a fashion show and Y isn't she crying "me two" If ya got it flaunt it but hands off. Mabe she's buying Ivankas line made by China's children clothing and shoes


I love Robin Meade!!

to Leah #1419559

I watch HLN because of Robin.I think she has a great sense of humor n delivers the news just fine, smoker voice or not.

And how are you all gonna judge a person on their voice or that they smoke?!? Last I knew we all live in the U.S. of A n we have rights n certain freedoms. She wants to smoke, let her smoke!

Do you buy her cigarettes! NO! AND I think she is beautiful! See, I don’t have the right to judge.

I accept people as is because that’s the way I would like to be accepted...as is.

And people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!Clean up your own back yard before you go peeking over the fence at your neighbors!

to Leah #1439706

She doesn't have a smoker voice - it's one of a variety types of 'bimbo' voices out there. It's the sound of someone who hasn't spent much effort cultivating themselves because life hasn't challenged them to do so.That's what's so shocking about someone like this being on TV in any type of capacity that approximates journalism. They exist only as eye-candy for guys and for other bimbos some sort of comfort.

to Beau #1464113

This is a robot reply.Robot.


Robot.No other individual response but the same responses from you to everyone who says anything nice.Sounds like you're just a HATER.Get off your soapbox.


Please get rid of Robin Meade.My wife and I can no longer watch and listen to her.

Her little catch phrases have become so annoying, we no longer can watch her.So, good bye until she’s gone!


She used to be gorgeous.She would've naturally aged beautifully.

She chose to stuff botox into her face and also lost too much weight. When people say she has curves, they're being fooled by padded undergarments.

She's dumber than a box of rocks, and will look entirely like a clown within 5-10 years.It's a shame, she used to be the hottest thing on cable news.


I completely agree.If her lack of depth, illiterate delivery and brazen narcissism wasn't enough, she's also looking rather ghastly of late-she must of gotten some extra Botox on the lips and she looks like she's constantly checking herself out in the monitor.

I really enjoy watching forensic files so I have the TV on in the middle of the night.

I try to make sure I switch the channel before I hear her saccharine sounding, "morning sunshine".Yuck, I just threw up in my mouth.

to Anonymous #1408531

Omg!!I thought I was the only one who did that!

I too watch forensic files throughout the night. It helps me sleep. I don't have to wake up until 7am, but fortunately my son has to get up at 5:30.

Just in time for me to turn the channel, before Ms.Whiskey voice comes on.


This is my first time on the site under the review section.I agree with people about Robin Meade and some of the other people but my biggest complaint is using God's name in vain and disrespecting the president by calling him mister like Carol Costello does.

What happened to professionalism?

My other complaint is that looking through these reviews all of them say that they have not been resolved.This tells me that HLN just doesn't care.


Ikr, it's sad that she tries so hard to appear sexy with that leg pointing straight out while standing, you can see the fakeness in her. I like Lynn Smith better and only watch HLN on weekends.

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