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Please take this person off your programming. This woman is so boring and her guests are even worse.

She was on a news program years ago with 3 or 4 other people and had a difficult time holding her own. Her facial quirks whenever anyone makes a remark she thinks is off is beyond annoying to embarassing. I am not sure if she thinks the oversized glasses make her more intelligent but such is not the case. It's very evident she is in over her head.

I enjoy all of your other programming and think I couldn't possibly be alone in my consensus.

Hopefully, her ratings will in time diminish. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hln Reporter.

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Horrible show. The people on the show, especially the host is smarmy and obnoxious. Typical CNN.


I could NOT agree with this more.. Please please cancel this show.

I watch HLN all day and night, and have to tune out and tune back for the time her show runs. Who at HLN thought any of their viewers would want to watch a "conservative" hosted show by someone who tries way too hard to be controvertial and is as interesting as watching paint dry.

Also, Sean Spicer is not going to save her show and reeks of desperation. Please, please, get her off my HLN and send her to fox news or give her a podcast so she can't invade programming where she is not wanted..


Really ? Of all the things you could name this show you come up with Se Cupp like you think this is a cutie play on her name.

It’s not cute and with what’s going on with the {{Redacted}} harassment issues going on, one would think you would know better. Is having a woman who is a true journalist that frightening for you all?

All news Chanels seem to value women as eye candy for ratings and as true reporters. It’s apparent by the over the top makeup; short skirts and low cut tops. How about dressing them like professional reporters and actually giving them a chance to do their real job, reporting the news, and keep your “ cutie titles” in the locker room.

I’m shocked a woman today would allow you to stand her up in front of thousands to play on her name or is it her ***? Disgusting.

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