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I enjoy the HLN network but after seeing the Tom Sawyer ads I am not going to watch this channel anymore. I think this is poor judgment on this network to voice this type of opinions that should be kept to themselves.

We have a president that should be supported not bad mouthed on the network. Tom steyer is full of lies and doesn't even know what he's talking about he is a disgrace to the States of America.

Let's all join together and stop watching the HLN Network due to these Tom Steyer ads. This is not acceptable advertisement because there's a lot of people watching HLN that are Trump supporters I do not want to see this ad constantly running.

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I, also, am THOROUGHLY disgusted with the Tom Steyer ads full of lies. I will have to boycott your channel and encourage my friends to do the same if you continue with these totally offensive ads. So inappropriate and low-class.


HLN has hired a bunch or rejects and has-beens from CNN.

( Communist News Network )

They just can't stop whining and don't want to because it keeps them on TV.

( bleep, there went the channel changer remote )


I agree. I am no longer watching HLN for the same reason.

I supported Former President O'Bama even though I never voted for him. It's a tough pill to swallow when your candidate doesn't win. However, the bottom line is we're all Americans.

Trump was elected, and the election has been over for a year now. Let's all start acting like adults ,accept the election results, and go on with our lives .

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