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As a retired clinical social worker I am appalled at the lackl of professionalism of the HLN talking heads but Dr. Drew's coverage is truly a disgrace to his profession and a new low for TV.

He is in a position to understand and educate, yes educate the public about personality disorders. This does not excuse Jodi Arias behavior and Travis Alexander's horrible death, but for Dr. Drew to participate and feed the mob frenzy is unbelievable.

I can not believe that any institution would allow a physician like him to teach or lend him any credibilty in his profession. He really needs to examine his own narcissm.

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and his panel of "experts" is just there to stir the pot!! it's beginning to look like another jerry springer.

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Aren't you aware that the nighttime shows on HLN are purely for entertainment. But I guess I haven't seen anything out of line, but then I take most of what I hear in anything on TV/radio with a grain of salt.

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